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Cancellation of NBN, Poor Speeds, Terrible Support

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Hi guys, 
As the title says, I will to cancel my NBN service immediately. You have been great since I first made the switch, but these past 6 weeks my internet has been usable for my purposes from about 630pm-10pm each night... and is steadily getting worse. 
I'm on NBN100 - in day, Latency 6ms, D/L 89Mbps, U/L 35Mbps ... at night now, Latency ~300ms, D/L ~10Mbps, U/L ~10Mbps ... I'm unable to online game due to high ping/latency, cannot video call or conference, and Netflix in pixelated. 
I've spent weeks trying to resolve the issues but NONE of my emails have been answered and the dozens of online tech support have offered nothing more than "Have you tried resetting your modem?" Insulting. 
I've been on hold for over 4 HOURS both online and on the phone trying to cancel my service. I've writing an email with supporting docs with the concerns... all unanswered. 

Here are speed tests performed past few weeks in the evening:





I wish to cancel my service but even that is difficult. I've been on hold for 4hrs this morning (phone) and 5hrs "on hold" during tech support. 3 others times they simply "closed chat"

I understand I have 3 months left on a contract. I will not be paying cancelation fees. The customer support and quality of service have been appalling past month.