Cancellation of NBn

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I sent an email on 5th feb 2019 to cancel my service as I have not been happy with NBN. Speed is pathetic and signal keeps dropping 3 times in an hour. Troubleshooted multiple times, replaced router still the same issue. Can’t watch a video without buffering in between. I received no response from and today I receive an email from customer service stating I haven’t paid my account and they lied that they contacted me and I was unavailable and that they will cancel my service within 10 days with an early termination fee. Why??? I am not opting out, TPG is not able to provide the service promised so why should I be stuck with them and if I want to cancel why should I pay a early termination fee?

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To check what transpired in the case, I pulled up your account using your community details. From your call ticket history, I can see that you've contacted us several times regarding dropouts on the connection (pointing mostly on WIFI). A router replacement was done to try and address the issue. After which, you requested on the 5th of February to have your account cancelled.


The email you received on February 18 was a system-generated message pertaining to your account and not a response to your cancellation request yet.


I can see that our Escalations team has sent you an email yesterday discussing your cancellation request. For any questions or further concerns, you may raise it up to an Escalation Officer by replying to the said email.