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Cancellation of service

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I have been trying to cancel my mother's broadband and phone service. She died in 2022 and the house has been sold. I spoke to the call centre last week (Monday) and they told me to email my request to which i have done twice with no response. I am the executor for my mothers estate and am able to provide certified copies of relevant details. I am not able to access her account online as the system has reverted to her mobile number which was discontinued in May 2022. I had gone online and changed the mobile contact to my number in late April 2022 however the system has overridden this. Please could you provide me with a contact so i can provide my phone number and we can progress this cancellation? I would like to cancel ASAP. Thank you


Hi @AlisonF 


We are sorry for your lost.


We are here to help you with your request.


Kindly send us a private message with the account details of your Mother.