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I have a question.


After trawling through the TPG website, including my account page, I found no guidance as to how to cancel my plan. That was frustrating.


I spoke to a customer service representative through a chat window and asked for assistance to cancel my plan. They told me they would transfer me through to another department. I was left - as the young people say - 'on read' for an hour. That was frustrating.


I tried to push the button to have a transcript of the conversation emailed to me. I felt like a small memento of our time together might be the sort of thing telecommunications industry watchdogs might be interested in. I thought it might tickle someone's bureaucratic fancy. This email did not arrive. That was frustrating.


I tried another customer service chat window. This person helped me, by confirming that I should send an email to the TPG cancellation address. I say confirmed, because one of the first hits on Google for how to cancel a TPG account comes from the website of a nice young man who has instructions for frustrated TPG customers to help them cancel their plans.


Nice Young Man 


I understand the rationale of Coronavirus making life slower and more arduous, but it didn't escape me that the Nice Young Man posted his solution in 2014. Does that suggest TPG have been making it unconscionably difficult to cancel a plan with them for at least the past five years? It feels like this whole process would be easier if TPG had cancellation options available on the website, or within the user account portal? Theoretically, I imagine, I could push a button and not have to speak to TPG again? ...What a world that would be!


I sent my email to request to have my account cancelled, and the automated reply said I would receive a response within one working day. That seemed like a reasonable turnaround. One working day has now passed, and I'm yet to receive a confirmation reply. That is frustrating.


I called the phone number on the automated email I received a few working days ago.


It pushed me to a chat window. Given my past experience with chat windows - I'm developing abandonment issue - I thought I'd pose my question on the TPG Community page. So, here I am.


I don't really want to pose my question on the TPG Community page, at least in part because I don't want to be a part of the TPG Community.


In fact, all I would like at this point is to leave the TPG Community. It would be nice to say we've grown apart, but, in this case it's not me - it's TPG.


I sound bitter. That's fine. It's because I am bitter. I'm bitter, because TPG rang me almost daily for a month or more and insisted I upgrade to the NBN. I told them no. I was called again, and again, and again, and again - from hidden numbers, from numbers I hadn't yet blocked. TPG customer service representatives harrassed me regularly and stretched the truth about my ability to access the internet without giving them more money. I suffered it, because, fine - TPG was relatively cheap and I couldn't have been bothered to switch providers.


Well, I've switched - finally.


So, my question is: may I please have confirmation that my TPG account has been closed?


Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check status here.



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Private Message Response:

"Hi stephmaker, Sorry to hear that your leaving TPG but best f luck with another provider. I have checked your conversation so customer service staff has advised to you that send email to If you already sent email then wait for them to respond from that team. otherwise send email to In the subject put in your account number or mobile"

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I'd just like my confirmation that my plan has been cancelled. Instead I get positive reinforcement for yelling into the void.