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Cancelling TPG NBN Plan

Level 2

Dear Customer team,


I need your assistance on cancelling my NBN plan at TPG (there is no contract involved!).

I have tried the online support, live chatting several times with no success. I did send an email requesting for "cancelling my TPG NBN Plan" but have not received any response or acknowleding receipt of email. Here I am posting this as well.

Please serve this as a written notice of cancelling service effective from 06April2020 and assist solving this matter as we do not wish to pay for your service now. BTW, fee for this month is already been taken from my account which you would need to refund to me. Kindly respond to this request ASAP, please. Thank you.

Level 2

To the Customer care team,


can you please look into my enquiry of cancelling TPG NBN plan and respond me ASAP.