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Cancelling my home internet

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My account number is xxxxxxx, I wish for my internet to be cancelled on Friday 26th July.

I cannot find any information about how to go about doing this. I have no contract with TPG therefore I understand that I have a 30 day notice period. I called TPG today and got told that the specialist is not available for 48 hours to talk to me about my specific case however I would still like to make sure that I don’t get further into my notice period.

I sent an email to (the only email address I could find online for TPG), on Saturday 29th June however it bounced back to me saying the account is inactive.

The person I spoke to on the phone today (Jayz), told me she would email me with instructions on this process, but I have not received anything.

Please could someone process my cancellation? If someone could give me a call on my mobile phone number on the system that would be ideal.



Hi @Cmoore20 


Welcome to the Community!


I was able to check the details of your interaction with our support team today. We regret to hear that you're leaving TPG, but I understand the reason you provided to our Accounts Specialist earlier.


From what I can tell, she has already raised your request to our Escalations Team. My apologies if there was a confusion, but you will be receiving a call within 24-48 hours from our Escalations Team.




**Note: We edited your post to hide your account details for security reasons