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Cancelling plan due to poor service

Level 2

I've been with TPG for years but now found I'm not getting anywhere near the service or advise despite spending a total of 13-16hrs on the phone with TPG over the past 2 weeks between my wife and I.


First TPG informed that our plan was switching to NBN. On the day that the cabling had been done, the ADSL dropped out and a notification that NBN was set up. After recieving the TPG model and NCD box, no success. Called TPG and was disconnected three times by the person answering the call, after waiting over 1hr each time, over a 3 day period.


Eventually go through and they said that no-one on the team could help, and being a Friday late afternoon would have to wait to Monday the next week. Monday arrived and TPG texts saying that I needed to put the NCD and modem together, which I had dismantled over the weekend, and that there would now be further delays, despite TPG not informing of the need to keep the setup.


2 days later and another 3 calls later, TPG says that an NBN person would have to come out to investigate. In the meantime we paid $90 for the cabling to be looked at on our end and was completely fine. Then TPG decided to raise it with NBN who came out 2 days later to fix it. 


Once fixed and receiving a confirmation, realised how slow our new NBN plan was and contacted TPG to upgrade our plan, only to be told today that I'd have to wait till next Monday before that can be discussed.


I signed up to the 18 month contract with TPG thinking that I was going to get the same service as before; and now I'm even paying more, and willing to pay more again, not getting any major effort; is there a way to cancel the plan on the grounds of not getting the service? I've paid for a month's worth of internet and yet haven't been able to use anything.

Level 2

Did you manage to cancel without getting the penalty?