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Change Credit Card Detail

Level 2

I receieved an email to say my payment had not gone through. This is because the card had been stolen.


I have tried to change the details to the new account and it is not working . It is saying there is an error with the credit card information you have provided. So I tried another card and received the same error message. I then tired to change to a direct debit but is says to contact you as this will no override the credit card info.

I cant call because you are not taking calls at this time, which is understandable.

Please help me as I cant go without internet at my business address


Hi @Mirror04,


For customers who want to pay their bill or update their payment details, we have created these community articles, which may help in accessing the TPG My Account to process payment online.

If you're not aware of your account customer ID , username password, you can check the welcome email we have sent when you sign up with the service.


This article may help you as well if there's a need for you to reset the password:

In your case, we have raised the issue to our Accounts Team since you're experiencing errors updating the details online and one of our Account specialists will contact you for assistance.


Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  and we'd be glad to assist you.