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Hi - I've just got married and was wondering if I can change my email address (currently in my maiden name).

I've looked through this forum and it advises to go to accounts (which I have done) - but I can't work out how to update my current email address (or add a new one)


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Changing of email address is not possible. 


What we can suggest is to create an Email Alias account or create a Slave account. 


Slave email is a separate account that has its own inbox. Aside from your main TPG account, more email accounts can be created


An Alias email is an email address that serves as a nickname identity for your main email or slave email account. All the emails sent to your alias email address will be redirected to the same mailbox as the master or slave account.


Here's how to create a slave account:
1. Go to
2. Log on using the main account and the appropriate password.
3. Look for Email Management. Click Manage Your Email Accounts.
4. Click Add Slave User.
5. Enter your desired username and password. Click Create Account.


Here's how to create an Alias:

1. Go to, enter your TPG Username and Password.
You should see this page and on the lower left side under ‘Email Management’ click on 
Manage Your Email Aliases’.


2. Click on ‘Manage your Email Aliases’.
On this page you will have the option to check the availability of your preferred Alias before creating it. 


You will also have the access on the list of the current email aliases on the account.


You may also check this link for more information. Go straight to the EMAIL section: FAQs - General 


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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Changing of email address is not possible. 

How dumb is that?


Hi @juliebyrne 


Changing an existing TPG email address is not possible but you can create a slave e-mail address or create an email alias instead.

Also, most email services do not allow you to change your existing email address.




Changing of email address is not possible. 

How dumb is that?