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Charging me money even after disabled internet service then refuse to refund this $?

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I have cancelled my internet from TPG last November due to its poor internet speed. I called TPG to cancel and I want to move to other service provider. I was no lockin contract customer.

I realised that TPG still charged me till today(due to lots of reasons I realized recently).
I called TPG for refund, then asked me to send email to cancel, and I got the reply to refund $59.9 only.

My credit card details were added by TPG staff saying it's convenient for payment, yes,and this made so much trouble.

I would like to ask for my money back, can some one make smart decision?

Hi @AshleyJ 


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We tried to locate your account using your community details, but can't identify the correct account.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number that's in question.


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Hi @AshleyJ,


Thanks for the details, we're able to locate the account and we've seen that this is still under assessment by our Account Specialists Team, we'll raise this with them and request urgent feedback. You may receive an updates via SMS, Phone call or Email within 24-48hrs. Let us know should you require further assistance.