Credit card refused

Level 2

I received email from TPG telling that my bank declined the debit on my credicard, and asking to update my credit card information. I already had done it, but did it again, with no results. In my bank statement this debit, which is e regular one in a montlby basis, appears as pending transation. I contacted my bank and was said that there are no problems with my card, and that I had to solve the trouble with the business. I sent email to TPG, with no answer till now.

Level 6

Please verify that the email was from TPG and not a scammer. I have received a few of those and the first time I almost gave away my login and credit card details! I have reported these scams to tpg and I was told that they were being blocked. If the email was not from TPG (email address is not and you have clicked "Submit" with your payment details, you need to protect yourself by contacting your bank/credit card company to cancel the credit card or at least ask them for advise.