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Can’t use mobile services while I’m overseas - roaming issues

Level 2

I’m overseas and need to set up international roaming. However, when I try to login to my account to do this, I have to receive a verification code to my mobile, which I can’t receive because I don’t have international roaming… I’ve seen other responses by mods asking for posters to send their customer ID via PM, but the PM feature doesn’t seem to work on here either. Please help!


Hi @pkunio, we've set a requirement where a new member must reach Level 2 to be able to send a PM. To reach this level, you just need to post or comment on a thread.


Having that said, you can should be able now to send us a private message with your details so we can help you in activating your roaming services.




Level 2
Unfortunately you need to turn on the international roaming in the control panel(under TPG My account) before you leave the country. I had problem logging into my account before I flight took off so I called them instead. Customer service turned it on for me so I guess you can give them a call from overseas as well. But it surely will be a long wait... Good luck.