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This isn't a question, just leaving feedback. I've gone overseas and hadn't turned on international roaming before I travelled but on reaching my destination I wasn't receiving any SMSs. On previous visits on other mobile carriers I have been able to receive SMSs no problem. Now I cannot log into my TPG account because apparently the only way is to verify who I am by sending me a text, I cannot obtain information I need for a mortgage application while I am overseas because I need access to my SMSs, I cannot buy things online because my bank wants to send me a passcode to my mobile. Your customer service team (no fault of their own) couldn't even assist me. Why? You guessed it, because I can't receive a passcode they sent by text. 


Absolutely rubbish to not even allow your customer service to access my account or have another option for verifying who I am. I'll be looking for a new internet and mobile provider as soon as I get back home. Goodbye TPG


Hi @simonwitt7


We know that we can help you activate your International roaming even if you're overseas


Just send us a private message with your customer ID or mobile number to assist you.