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Double billed

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I recently relocated my internet

Now I have 2 accounts. One for the old address and one for the new address and im being billed for both.

The account for the old address was meant to be terminated but im still being billed for it.

So i'm being double billed.

I want to be reimursed for the double billing and for it to not happen again.

Tpg's customer service has been exteremly poor.

Level 5

Hi @aclem that doesn't sound too good.


I know that when you relocate your service on the same account number, as soon as the new service is installed, the old service is automatically cancelled.



Sounds like your new service was relocated onto a new account number for some reason? If this was done by TPG, I agree with you they should cancel the old account for you and give credit for the overlap days.What did they say when you asked them to do this?


Level 1a

They have been telling me to send an email to cancel my account and take my issues up with the cancellation department.


Hi aclem,


If you still need assistance, pm me your username so I can check your account.

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I am in exactly the same situation like you - just wondering how did everything go with the double billing? Did they refund the full amount for the overlap days?


Thanks for your help.


Good day @clair1217,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I checked the account and learned that this case is being assessed by our Accounts team. I will chase this up with them and have your case manager to contact you within the day.


Please shoot me a Private message of your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


Kind regards,


Hi @clair1217,


I understand that our Accounts team has been in touch and will contact you again on Saturday.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,