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Email issue still not resolved

Level 2
Level 2

What is going on with the email service? It has been almost 24 hours and the issue is still there. I can access my slave email accounts but not the primary account. This has happened in the past as well. Are slave email accounts more reliable than the primary one?

Level 3

No all my emails are affected and this includes my main acount, slave and an alias. Message on phone support says  the isue still not resolved and saying a long wait and suggest we dont ring..6,50am WST


I am assured my email acccout is one of those afffected but received an open email account to  log in from my slave  which is attached to my roboform password holder showing they have saved  outlook outlook.exe!! . It is a new roboform account and has my last two.back ups. No need to understnd this but I was concerned it was a different errror. But no, still the "outage" problem..

So weird things happening at one point.

Level 2
Level 2

Can the moderator respond to us and let us know why the system is taking so long to restore? I hope we are not going to lose emails sent to us since Wednesday evening.


Hi @ard and Kaila32, the outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate.


Our Engineers are working double time to rectify this asap and you may view further updates on our Service Status Page.


You may also visit this link for more details:


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.