Excessive NBN usage

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I've some trouble to understand why my new TPG NBN connection is reporting an excessive internet usage. The connection is at my cafè, and it's used to web surf, email and receive orders through an app.

With the previous provider, 10GB of data were more than enough and we usually used half that much, but now the usage reports shows that we are using approximately 30Gb per month, and that's frankly impossible: with my home NBN connection I use 30Gb per month watching Netflix most nights!

There is no public WiFi, the connection is only used by me.


Hi @Bottega,


We cannot identify on which device(s) or application is consuming too much data. I've seen in your account that there is a high data usage reported on your account. At the moment your service speed has been shaped as you've reached your monthly usage quota. This shaping will be removed at the start of your next billing cycle on 01/12/2018.


Have you checked the device(s) or computers connected to the modem/router? There are chance that there might be a running background application on the device(s) consuming download/upload data. Also check if there is a unknown device(s) connected to your wireless network.


In case you need a reference on how to the change your wireless network you can visit this thread. How to change wifi password


Let me know how it will go and should you require further assistance.



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I had to change pan to avoid the service being shaped because I need that connection to work for my job.

The SSID is not broadcasted, as I said the WiFi isn't public. The only devices accessing the internet connection are one PC and three mobile phones, for browsing the web, reading email and accepting orders. The password is known only to myself, and was changed just in case when last month I noticed the unjustified high usage.

With the previous internet provider (we switched to TPG just a few weeks ago), our internet usage was a fraction. Also, the statistics show no usage on Saturdays and that's impossible because we are open on Saturdays and using the internet, but high usage on Sundays (we are close, devices all switched off).

The computer is used as a POS and for web browsing, checking the real time usage on the router or on Windows shows just a moderate use of bandwidth.


Hi @Bottega


Thank you for the additional information. 


As a general guide, 1GB of data usage will let you:

  • Receive 1000 emails
  • Surf the web for 20 hours
  • Watch 5 four minute YouTube video clips
  • Download 20 four minute music tracks
  • Download 40 photos

Your usage of each service may vary. This guide is based on the following assumptions:
Email received at 100KB per email, web browsing at 30MB per hour, YouTube 4min video clip at 24MB per clip (standard 360p quality), music download at 4MB per track, photo downloads at 2MB per photo.


As far as TPG's records show, the usage was valid and registered to your account. It is not possible for anyone else to use your account as the NBN FTTN service is only available if connected to your phone line.


Please be informed that all Internet traffic to a PC constitutes as a download. This includes web browsing, movie/music streaming, chat, emails, gaming, program download, program updates, file transfers, etc. Generally speaking, anything that displays on your monitor whilst connected to the Internet is considered a download.


NBN FTTN technology is faster than ADSL2+, and being so, you are more inclined to stray away from your normal Internet usage. Factor this into the growing nature of the Internet, including more graphic intensive websites and multimedia; your download limit can be accumulated rapidly.