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I am writing this complaint here as I am not sure where else to put it.


My complaint is this: It is far too hard to cancel your service to the point where information on how to do this is deliberately hidden from the customer.


I have just found out that all I have to do is send an email to with the details of my account and I have to give 30 days written notice. It has taken me over a week and several Chat sessions to find this out. Doing that time my ADSL service as been invoiced and yet it is disconnected as I am on the NBN with another provider.


I searched the TPG website several times looking for how to cancel my service and no results showed up except for some results from the TPG community asking the same question. NOWHERE could I find ANY search results that told me how to cancel your service (i.e. a simple email to the correct address) or even what the terms were (i.e. 30 days written notice).


Because of this, I had to go through the TPG support chat service (which is very good BTW). However, after chatting with a "rep" I was forced to transfer to the "Cancellation" team as the current "rep" could not help me. Due to the load on your system, due to COVID19, my chat session was never picked by this team. This happened THREE times (dropped chat sessions) although is understandable.


When I finally do get through, today, I am finally told that all I have to do is send an email to with my details. I could have been told this AT ANY POINT in my previous three support sessions by any of the representatives I spoke with. 


When I complained about this to my "rep" I was told this information was in the Terms. But, when I searched for "Cancel”, nothing came up from Terms.


So I went to the Terms section of the website. This section is HTML so the fact that search did NOT bring up any results means that this section of the site is excluded from search results.  Why is that?


I did find the section on cancelling your service and it does state 30 days written notice is required BUT… It does not state the email address to send the details to.

Given how simple it is to cancel a service (send an email to a specific address), this looks like DELIBERATE obfuscation by TPG to force people to go through the Cancellation Team. However to cancel, a service you MUST send an email. The team I speak to cannot cancel my service, so why do I have to speak to them? 


I might add I sent an email to Customer Support requesting cancellation and got no response from them either. Why is that?

I understand that this is almost certainly a deliberate policy of TPG to force people to go through their support in order for their team to work hard at stopping people "churning" and keeping them as a customer, but that does not make it right.


I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I was certainly open to the idea of switching back to TPG if Tangerine was not good enough. I can tell you now I will not return to TPG. Ever.