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Failed credit card payment

Level 2

I received an emailed from TPG that said my account payment via credit card had failed, and that I could retry the payment using


I've checked my card details - the same card I have been using tp pay this account for several years, the card doesn't expire for another year, there is money in the account and I'm using the card with other vendors with no problems. I hit the retry link above  and it failed again. 


Not sure how I'm supposed to fix this without some more details, but I sure can't afford to be working at home without internet. Is there any advice or more information I could get to solve this?


Hi @patrickf 


You may also try checking out this article:

Update Credit Card or Direct Debit payment details or Re-try a Failed Payment securely online 


Otherwise, I would recommend ringing our Customer Service hotline for further assistance.


Accounts & Billing1300 993 011

Monday - Friday:  8am - 9pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am - 6pm
Let us know should you still require further assistance.