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First month advanced payment

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Hey there,

Never gone with TPG before and was wondering how the first month's advanced payment works. I payed my first month plus a little extra for delivery fees and my internet is to be connected in a week's time. With this advanced payment, does this cover me for a month? Or does TPG like the user to be a month in advance at all times? If that's the case, when would my first bill be expected to come (so that I may budget ahead of time). Or does it mean once my installation is complete, my first month is already paid for and I don't need to pay for the next month until a month has passed?

Hi @lachlans95,


TPG is a prepaid service; your initial payment is comprised of an installation fee and your 1st month fee.


By operating this way we are able to keep costs down to continue offering the best value deals possible to our customers.


The installation process begins as soon as we receive these specified funds from the customer and the initial billing cycle starts when your install is complete.


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