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Further problems with my landline.

Level 3

 Someone from TPG called me today (Wednesday 23/10/ 19) prior to 14 00 and then made adjustments to my modem (remotely). I later asked several people to call from mobile and landlines and all were unable to call my landline and received messages that the number called was busy or engaged. OK, I realise that this is a difficult problem as it is intermittant but it has "supposedly" been fixed at least twice before. Each time it recurs about one month later. 


Hi @hawkeyenic,


I'm sorry to learn about the recurring phone line issue you're having. I checked your account and  from what I can tell, this case has been raised to our Engineering Team already. In addition, a Phone Engineer has contacted you earlier today. From what I gathered, adjustments have been made to get the phone to work which you were able to confirm as well.


I can see that this is still under monitoring by our Phone Engineers. Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.