HI Needed Urgent Help

Level 2

Please find below details
1. Username: nileshmudgal
2. Account Number: 5xxxx22
3. Plan: NBN Broadband 50
4. TPG Email Address: nileshmudgal@tpg.com.au
5. Home Phone Number: 0387144681
09:04:06I need to know on my new home address which is NBN ready how can we activate internet?
New Address : 6 Biscotti crescent Manor lakes 3024
Old Address : 38 Eureka Drive wyndham vale
I need it to active on 20th April

Full Name : Nilesh Mudgal
DOB : 2x/04/xx

I have requested online moving request by dropping mail to relocation team and also online yesterday
I needed new interent active by 20th April while I raised online request nowhere it asked me for a date and my new connection
got active and current address connection got deactivated

I need internet access at my curent address till 25th April at the same time internet has to be active on new place from
20th April as I need to install and activate cctv's

Can you please quickly start my current internet first and them take my request for
activing internet at new address from 20th April


Hi 5487522,


I noticed you had already contacted TPG service delivery department. They must provide you a ticket reference number for your follow up.