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How can I get customer service?

Level 2

I was calling your support number since 6 pm. First, I chose the option for a call back and we I did get a call, it just hung up on me. I then tried to stay on hold and after 60 minutes, the line gets cut. I then finally got to speak with someone only to find out that she cannot help me and transferred me to another department only to find out that it closes at 8 pm. Now I can see why there are a lot of complaints in this community.


I also tried to PM the moderators of this community using their instructions but for some reason the button to message them is not available.


I hope some one can resolve my problem. As several people have mentioned, I have a problem getting an OTP sent via mobile phone. How can I get into my account to register my sim card and use this as my mobile number to receive the OTP?


Hi @hansie


We are here to help you register your mobile phone to your TPG account.


Kindly send me a PM with your account details via PM.