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How to Change your Plan from NBN to Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband


Here’s a guide on how to request a change of plan from NBN service to 4G Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband.



1. Go to


2. Click on “Existing Customers” and log in to My Account with your TPG username and password.






3. Once you’re logged in, you can start to modify your existing service by entering your address on service availability checker box. 





4. If your address is confirmed as eligible for either 4G Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband, you will be asked to pick a plan.






5. Click on “Buy Now.”






6. You will be routed to our Secure Sign Up page.


A. About You

Check and Edit your name and email address.




B. Account Details

Choose or Create your new username and password. Then click on “Next.”





C. Service Details

The system will confirm your Home Wireless installation and modem delivery address. A change of address option is available should you want the hardware delivered to a different address.



Note: Once your order is accepted, the Smart Modem Gateway will be dispatched. The delivery may take 2-7 business days.  



D. Payment Details

Click on the check boxes to confirm your order agreement.  Then click on “Proceed to Payment.”





  • The available payment methods are Credit Card and Direct Debit.
  • Customers who provide TPG with an American Express or Diners Club card for payment will incur a surcharge of 3.02% and 2.75% (incl. GST) of the payment amount respectively when TPG debits the card.
  • Your Total Upfront Cost will be debited immediately upon submitting your application.
  • These payment details will also be used for all future billing.



E. Order Summary

Review the Order Summary and then click on “Place Secure Order.” assign9.jpg



7. Order Complete.

An email and SMS notification will be sent about the progress of your new order.



If you need further assistance with the plan change, just call us on 1300 720 016.


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