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How to cancel internet but keep phone

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I would like to confirm the process as i've barely had anything positive from any support staff. I have a FTTB account and seperately (or so I thought) I have my mobile phone account. I've tried the online chat 8 times now in the past three weeks, each of them the staff just drop off after asking me for my details. Or in 4 of the cases someone told me I need to speak to another department and they'd transfer the conversation but this never happened and I sat around waiting for a response for several hours. 


I believe somehow someone bundled my accounts together and they need to be seperated, what i thought would be a simple request to just cancel my internet to my old apartment as I am moving to a property already with internet is becoming more a distant memory of cancellation. It seems it is easier to just cancel both my internet and phone accounts??


Also last week I emailed the cancellation email address and haven't heard any response from that apart from the automated response. 


I appreciate there is increased load or difficulty however a simple request to cancel seems like an impossibility. Am I doing something incorrect here or expecting too much? Should I expect cancelling one service but keeping another should be a difficult task? Some feedback would be great because i'm kinda getting bored "thumbs down" all your staff who seem to unnsuccessfully message me.


I've been on the online chat 8 times now in the past two weeks, I work remotely so i've had the conversations open all day. 


Hi howdoicancel


Can I get your CID or Username?

I understand you want to keep the mobile service but cancel your NBN FTTB.