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How to get my mis-charged money back

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I got a mobile with TPG and went overseas for 2 years, in order to use international roaming I had to deposit 500 AUD into my prepaid mobile account. I used only around 40 before coming back here last months
And then I started to use some local mobile data, only 1.54 GB which is supposed to cost only 10 AUD for 2 GB
However I was charged over 160 and have only 300 AUD left in my prepaid account

Made many calls, but no agent understand my case at all, which was a big waste of my time
How can I get the money back?
Do I have to sue TPG


Hi @cloverx11, 


We'd like to have a better grasp of what happened in this instance. 


Let us have your TPG mobile number via private message so we can investigate and provide clarity.