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How to request for Change of Ownership (Broadband and Mobile)


Need to transfer your service to another user? This article will guide you on how to change the account ownership for  broadband and mobile account.


Step 1. Download the change of ownership form which can be found at


Step 2. Print out and fill in the forms with the new service owner.


Note: If you are transferring your mobile account to another user, ensure to indicate the TPG mobile number in the space  as shown below (refer to the red box):




  • The Change of Ownership form is divided into 4 sections:

    • The Section A is to be filled in by the current service owner.
    • The Section B is to be filled in by the new service owner.




  • The Section C will ask the new service owner of his/her preferred payment method.
  • The Section D will need to be signed by the new service owner to certify his/her agreement on taking over the broadband or mobile account.

    Note: An electronic signature is not valid.




  • The new service owner is to fill in the Direct Debit Authorisation Form (found on page 2/3) should he/she choose to nominate a direct debit as the new payment method.

For mobile account, just skip the Section B of the Direct Debit Authorisation Form and indicate the customer ID or TPG mobile number on Section C (Your Username).




  • The new service owner must agree and sign the Customer Service Guarantee Waiver (found on page 3/3). This is only applicable for internet with home phone services.


  • A valid ID will be asked if there will be information discrepancies.


Step 3. You may send the accomplished forms via the following options:


  • Email:
  • Fax: 02 9850 0813
  • Postal: PO Box 1844, Macquarie Centre, North Ryde NSW 2113


The change of ownership will be processed within 2-3 working days from the received date. Both current and new service owner will receive an email once the request has been completed.