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How to top up pre paid balance

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I have utilised all the minutes included in my monthly package and now need to top up pre-paid balance; however, the system would not let me do that as my monthly (auto-debit) payment is still processing. This means I cannot make any calls. What's the solution to this? 


Also, I can only see the option of pre-paid top up once I log into my account using a mobile browser; where to see this option while I log into my account using a computer?


Further, I never received a call back from TPG customer support even booking in a call back twice today. Can anyone advise why is that?


Hi @Ceres


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Our mobile support is currently receiving high call volume; thus, the callback delay. If your payment method is a direct debit, it takes 3-4 working days to clear. Hence, we'll need to wait for it, so you can make an outgoing call. Also, here's an article that can be of help to you: 
How To Top Up TPG Mobile Prepaid Balance.


Let me know should you require further help.