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Immediate cancellation of NBN

Level 2
You're all slackers. I want my NBN canceled now. I've signed up to another NBN provider last Monday (20/4/20) and they are waiting to connect to me but they can't because you haven't disconnected me yet. I requested it days ago and only got an idiotic automated email and nothing since.

My sister is working from home due to coronavirus and suddenly have no internet after a chat-bot told me to reset router settings (after upgrading my plan to higher speeds), gave no further instructions and closed that chat thread after that.

We have no internet and now my sister is working from home at her girlfriend's house, not here.

It's now Friday (24/4/20) and nothing yet. I want my plan canceled by Saturday or even Sunday. I asked nicely the first time, you're slacking which is disgraceful and now I'm demanding it. Get a wriggle on before I report you to the ACCC.

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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check the status here.