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Installation problem

Level 2
Level 2

Your company sends a text message saying that the network will be installed on March 12th.
I don't know how to use my network.
I don't know what my account ID and password are.I didn’t see the modem that I bought for $110 when I made an appointment.
I really want to use my network as soon as possible, I hope someone can help me.
My phone number is xxxxxxxx,If possible, can you communicate with me in Mandarin? Thank you very much.


**Edited: removed phone number for security purposes


Hi @yi


Welcome to the Community!


We'd love to help you in checking the status of your installation or connection, however, we're having difficulty locating your record. We tried both the phone number you gave us and your community details, but we're not able to find a match.


Kindly send us a PM providing either your TPG username, contact number you provided when you signed up or email address. Please provide your service address as well.


Need help on how to PM? Follow this link.


We don't have a Mandarin-speaking specialist, but as soon as we're able to check your account, we'll try our best to provide you the information you need to get your service working.