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Insufficient funds to make a call

Level 2

Hi I tried to make a phone call but all I heard was "insufficient funds to make a call" and my messages are not delivering too. I called TPG to top up any amount due only to find out I have nothing due. I also checked my bank because I thought I didn't have enough credit for automatic payment to go through, but found out that money was not the issue. I called yesterday and for some reason, issue was not rectified. I'm not sure where to make manual payment and can't ring support since I have no credit. This issue has been going on for three days and I will ring ombudsman if issue persists. Solve it now, I paid for it.


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Thanks for raising this matter to us. We'd like to have this investigated. Are you able to send us a private message with your TPG mobile number, so we can locate your account in our system and determine as to what is causing the issue?


To send a PM, please refer to this link: