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International Roaming

Level 2
Level 2

I can receive messages and calls but cannot send messages or calls using international roaming.  I have now been in a Europe for 17 days without a working mobile. Numerous emails to TPG have delivered “google solutions” to a technical issue.


Hi @pjb


Are you able to send us a private message with your customer ID or Mobile Service Number so we can check what's causing the issue?


Hi @pjb, thank you for providing the account details via PM.

The issue has been escalated to our Mobile Team and they are now working on a resolution. Please expect an update within the day via Email.

Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.

Level 2
Level 2

Just a quick update. After sending my personal details via A personal message, absolutely nothing was done. Six weeks in Europe and the only service I had was when I gave up on TPG and bought a prepaid SIM. 


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you, @pjb


As per checking, the Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been in touch via email and discussed the concerns raised.


We have escalated the case to Vodafone again and now waiting for an update. Rest assured that the case manager will be in touch as soon as a new feedback becomes available.


For immediate assistance, you may also coordinate with your case manager via return mail.

Level 1b

good, its in the interests of your customers to get this int roaming correct. There is a huge frustration when overseas and no mobile. Your contact centres also need to be muc h more attuned to responding when we make contact via web page or email. Its pointless only relying on phone numbers - when we have no access un der these conditions.


hopefully, when TPG are their own network providers the int roaming will be managed directly

Community Manager

Hi Guys,

Just an update on the International roaming issues that are being described in this post and others.


We raised these examples to Vodafone management who identified an issue on their end that was causing these issues for TPG roaming customers.

The good news is this issue have now been fixed by Vodafone.


Thanks again guys for your patience and for giving us the feedback to resolve this issue.