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roaming with tpg

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Seems TPG have significant issues with their current service provider.


Set up International roaming and paid the $500 before setting off to China for 10 days.


International calls made prior to trip OK


Got to China - no progress on calls.


Yes I am an experienced international traveller and have iphone 5 s all setting fine. SIM card tried in another phone, still no roaming.

Over 4 days contacted TPG via website messages and email to customer complaints - slow response and no resolution, very dissapopinted

Suspect that the interface between TPG control panel and Vodaphone is the issue ( or Vodaphone fail to have an acknowledgement back to TPG control panel of sucessful action)


Suggest you all try your roaming on day 1 and then get local SIM for the country your in as the TPG responses are not satisfatory

Embarrasing to beg use of other peoples phone to make calls while overseas

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Level 3

I've had the same problem in Vietnam, waste on my time, emails and efforts.  I've travelled before with no problems with my phone, Europe and Nepal in the past 12 months, however, this is the first time I've relied on TPG.


Hi @russellmj,


I understand that you were able to speak with our Mobile Escalations team in regards to the issue that you have experienced with our International Roaming. They are monitoring your account and you'll be contacted once an update is available.


Kind regards,

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Level 3

Just returned from six weeks in Europe. Same problem no service and no support. I think you are right about the interface between TPG and the service provider being the problem. Does not really matter, no service is no service. I’m lucky that I am not in a contract wth TPG and can move on to another provider when I get back to Oz. Ended up buying a Orange SIM in Europe and it worked perfectly. Still working at the moment in Singapore and I thought it was Europe only lol. ps don’t waste time contacting TPG moderators it goes nowhere.


Hi @pjb


We have also received your other post and you may check our response here:


Thank you.