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Internet Cancellation and bill

Level 2
I would like to cancel my plan with tpg as I have had no Internet for the past three weeks- almost four. I lost my connection on the 27th of September, and have not gotten Internet since.

I have had multiple internet issues during my plan that have all taken more than a week to solve. This is the third and final time.

I have been charged for WiFi that I haven't been able to use, and this month I have already been charged despite having no Internet since September.

I am tired of waiting and dealing with this repeated issue, and would like to request a refund for the charged money. I also do not see it fit that I should pay the cancellation fee after putting up with insufficient service
we alderly return the modem back to tpg.

Hi @chichadeyu1


We regret to learn that you wish to cancel your service. 


Recent update on your account indicated that a Cancellation officer has been assigned and will be reaching out to attend to your concern. 



Please await further updates via phone call or SMS.