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Hi is it possible to get a pdf of the monthly invoices or sent to my email address automatically ?

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Yes, it is possible to get a pdf of your monthly invoices, you can call customer service and request to send it in your email.



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I have had this discussion with TPG several times, we are a business and require a monthly invoice. The answer is no, they cannot send a monthly invoice automatically. Customer has to ring each month and request the invoice to be sent. Further, when we log into our account and go to invoices, there is nothing there. It is pathetic, and the reason we are now terminating our service with TPG. What sort of company in this day and age cannot generate a monthly invoice to your email!

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Hi @allan, I have no problem dragging up any invoice from the current one to the first one from 2004, My Account / Account Management / Your Invoices, for me it takes 9 seconds to load the list so maybe you're not waiting long enough before clicking away.