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Mobile data usage spike

Level 2
I was using my mobile data yesterday when I apparently ran out, which was unusual since I hadn’t used that much since the rollover. I have a 12 gb data plan. I logged into my account to check my usage only to find that I managed to use more than 11 gbs of data all on the same day. I’m not sure what I used to get to that point as the only apps I really remember using were Instagram and Spotify, as well as a little bit of Snapchat and even then I didn’t use them for more than 2 hours. I’m wondering whether it was a specific website or anything, as I’m unsure as to what happened. Is there a way to find out what website I apparently connected to in order to use this much data as I’m surprised and have never user this much.
Level 15

Hi @GPad . Does your phone keep a record of data usage by app for the current cycle?

If it's the browser, you could check the browsing history.

Level 2
Thanks for the reply.I have an iPhone so it tracks mobile data usage by app in the settings but it doesn’t tell me how much I used for each app during the day.