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Monthly Invoice email notifications

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Hi TPG team, I have had a look through and the responses appear to be the same for the last few years though I haven't seen anything recent from the past few months.

Just wanting to check if there is a way to enter a personal email address in the My Account page to receive monthly emails for either when payment is due or to receive the Invoices when they come through.


This is emails as well, not sent via paper physical mail.


I don't wish to have to call the support/billing team to ask for it each time, along with those that have asked for the the same thing previously and that literally everywhere but TPG it seems offers.


Just the ability to enter a personal email address to the Contact & Payment details or Manage your Email accounts sections, so that when the invoices come through are also emailed to that address.


If this does actually exist, please let me know.

If it doesn't please add it to the list of all the other people who have requested it.

I do not wish to know how to check the invoices page myself, or how to print screen and print it myself either.



Hi @dalegolby


Welcome to the Community!


Currently, we do not send any invoices automatically to our customers as it can be viewed in 'TPG My Account'.

We appreciate your feedback and will forward this to our Management for reconsideration.


Stay safe.