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Move old email alias to new TPG account

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I have gone back and forth with support and was promised someone would call me however a call never came.

The request is very simple.


I had an old TGP NBN account that had an email address associated with it ("USERNAME" I had this for some time until I moved meaning I had to close the account as my new house did not have internet.


Once I got NBN on at my new address I signed up with TPG again however I had to use a new alias for my new account. I need my old email address alias added to the new account however when I try to add it it says the alias length is not long enough (this was never an issue when I first set up my TPG account).


I have requested in various ways to have this old alias added to the new account however I am given instructions how do this and the issue I raise about length is overlooked by the support person in that I cannot add as the length is too short.


I need to add this specific alias to get account to personal information from a 3rd party, without it I cannot login and change the email account and they refuse to send me reset instructions to any other address.


Hoping someone can assist.