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Next to impossible to cancel account

Level 3
Level 3
I'm trying to cancel my nbn fttn account. I provided all information on the 22nd December using my email address registered to my account.
Your team had the rudeness to try and ring me on Christmas day mid afternoon. I was not impressed I did not answer the phone.
I have medical issues that make using the phone hard. Your team are ignoring this and insist on calling me. This is a breach of the federal disability discrimination act.
Then some rubbish about filling in a proof of identity form online (which I have done) which only asked my name phone number and account number. Nothing really any different to what was already provided.
I have provided 30 days written notice on the 22nd December as required by the contract. Yet TPG are ignoring their customer and legal obligations.

Tpg is not being clever making it so difficult to cancel. You are having the opposite effect. I was happy with the service TPG had provided and stated I may use tpg again in future. But after this nonsense very little chance of this happening.

I am going to calculate how much I think it is and change my credit card to be declining any amount over this.
Now can I see some cooperation and common sense please? I don't want to go with the road of fair trading and the TIO but I will if I have to.
(customer 5619439)

Hi @Taz,


We're keen on checking what happened in this instance. 


Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account.