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No access to my incoming SMS history (prepaid mobile) on my account.

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Hi there,

The different records in my incoming SMS history on my device (an iPhone), and my incoming SMS history on my TPG account show that there is a restriction on my access to this important official register at my TPG account.

I would need my incoming SMS (and call records) on my prepaid mobile phone, as I need to justify whether I have not received specific SMS on two specific days recently, or not. I would need to know it for foreseen important court matters.

I used to be able to check my incoming calls on my call history not so long ago, and I am guessing that there may have been a policy change regarding incoming SMS/calls. However, I would need to have access to this information.

I would like to confirm:

1- If I could access my incoming SMS/call history
2- If there have been any policy changes regarding incoming call history at the mobile usage on TPG user accounts, and
3- What would be the TPG official channel to request full access to this information related to my phone number?

Kind regards,



Hi @joseantonio 


We'd like to check on what we can arrange for you.


Please send us a private message with your account details.