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No answer from TPG after sending cancel email back on the 3rd of April

Level 2

The message from stated that someone would contact me within 1 day.

Ok the worlds a little crazy right now so can expect a little delay but I can see that you're about to charge me once again for another month. It's about to tick over to 10 days since sending the email.

Make sure that my direct debit information is cleared after this last payment from your records.

 This account is puresilk11. This is now another way I'm trying to get in contact with you. I lost count after 34+ emails back and forth over 5 weeks to attempt to keep business with you guys in the new house but after too many red flags I'm done.


This account is to be cancelled on the day we move out. The 15th of April. 3 days from now.

What does one need to do when your phone calls end up going dead and your chat line is constantly saying try again later.

Level 2

Sorted on the night before we move. Thank you Jayson.