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Hi TPG community,


I signed up for TPG FTTB service on Friday 14/1/22 after sale representative assured me that my address provided has FTTB service. Did not receive any email for confirmation of service as that sale lady got my email address wrong. Did a live chat on that night itself to correct my email and was once again assured that I would receive a confirmation email shortly within the day, waited and nothing came through. 


Finally manage to log into TPG my account to find out that the sale representive got my first name very wrong and also the adddress that the service was suppose to me provided to. FTTB is NOT available at the correct address. I had also repeated myself multiple times about the spelling of my name, but for some reasons she didn't understand me.  Rang customer service on 15/1/22, requested for call backs because the wait Q was long. Got called back only for my line to be cut off twice without them trying to ring me back. Finally on the third go, I manage to speak to someone properly. Spoke to sales, then got transferred to customer service in order to reticfy my wrong name and address, only to get transferred back to sales again to try to get me to setup a brand new account because  "it will be eaiser this way". The guy in the sales department happen to be person who transferred my call to customer service to get things fixed. After going around in loops for an hour on the phone without getting any thing fixed, I told him I am going to cancel my account without even trying to fix things. I was assured that the account was not active as no payment had been taken yet. I only requested for sevice to be started on the 16th of Feb when I signed up for the sevice. I went ahead to cancel the service via My account online on 15/1/22. 


On 17/1/22 I then received a notification from my bank, telling me that $189.94 was direct debited from TPG!!! I have cancelled my account on the 15/1/22, because you guys are unable to provide me with the basic serivce I need. I rang customer service again this morning 18/1/22, only for him to ask me to re-send a cancellation request. Not helpful at all.  I have rang my bank to stop any further direct debit from TPG and to try to get the money taken last night back. All this point, I just want my account cancelled for good and for my money to be refunded. IF anyone from TPG could help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated.  I do not wish to jump through more loops or being referred to different department for my request to be fulfilled. I just want it to be cancelled. 


Over the years, I had heard good things about TPG, that was why I wanted to switich provider. However, in the last couple of days, your customer service team had totally put me off wanting to use your service. Moving home is stressful enough, and I do not need unnecessary stress from just trying to setup an internet service. I am going to stick to my current provider after this disappointing experience. 


I sincerely hope my issue can be resolved sooner rather than later.








Hi @ning17


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Our Cancellation Team will be in touch with you within the day to cater your request for cancel and refund. If you require further assistance, feel free to shoot us a message.