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Out of data but can't add data

Level 2

Hi there. I recently ran out of data (still have 7 days left) so I wanted to add another data block or pre-paid amount so I could continue using the service. 


I tried to "make a payment" from the top of my profile, however it says that I can't because a payment is currently in progress? I also tried to choose a pre-paid amount but all the options are greyed out and the message says "To add a prepaid credit, you will need to pay any amount owing on this account.". 


I'm a little frustrated because I'm just trying to add funds so I can use my account but the messages are sending me in a loop. Please help!


Hi @markodonohue90


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Let us have a look on your account to see if there's an existing top up already. May we have your TPG mobile number via private message?

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