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Wrong charges. Please Refund.

Level 2


I am a tpg user.

In the attachment screenshot, my account got some wrong charges. Please Refund that.

1, My mobile was charged 12 times for messge in 01/11/2022 03:28PM, maybe I sent 2-3 messge in that one minute. Please refund other wrong charges


2, For 03/11/2022 12:34PM 121 00:00:00 Voicemail Retrieval $0.15
The reply is no money in my account, so I can not retrieval voicemail, and the duration is 0 second, it shouldn't be charged.

3, I stopped my tpg landline phone service some months ago, there is still $20 credit for that landline, so please move that $20 credit to my mobile account or refund to my bank account.