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Payment Details not updating in "My Account"

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As per the subject title. 

I recently had to replace my credit card. For the past week I have been battling the "My Account" section of the TPG website trying to update the payment details.

My bank is confirming I am getting charged the $1.00, but when I go to TPG My Account and check the details, it is still displaying old credit card details. I cannot make any payments.

I've been trying to contact support but the 1300 number just ate up the remaining $12.00 on the account and now I cannot even call the support line on my own number. (Why I'm on a prepaid amount in this instance I have no idea since I am on the Small v2 monthly plan.)

This needs to be fixed, and I need to be refunded for the mentioned amount also. I'm not paying for a janky account management system that cannot process a simple thing like updating credit card details.

To recap: I cannot pay TPG, and I cannot CALL them either. This is getting ludicrous.

EDIT: I have now also discovered that I cannot log into the Webmail service on either of my TPG accounts. I tried it on Chrome, Firefox and even on my iPad and iPhone - it just throws me back to the login page again after I put in the details.

TPG, what is going on?! This is catastrophic!

Level 2


I miraculously got through to support using a different mobile number.

Please pass my thanks to Gilbert who fixed updating my credit card details.

My feedback on your new NOVUS system though is less than pleasing. It is way too confusing to use. (And I have worked in Corporate Information Technology for over 15 years.) I have to use two different accounts for mobile and internet, and the system is not streamlined.


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We appreciate your feedback with us and will use this to improve our system in the future.


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