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Hi,   I recently swapped from Telstra to TPG and wanted to know if it's possible to make a regular payment towards your bill and it comes out of the credit instead of your account?


When we were with Telstra (and our other bill companies) my household would each pay their portion of said bill straight to the company either weekly or fortnightly. This meant our accounts built up credit as we would pay a bit extra each month in case something happened and someone needed to skip a payment. It was also easier than one person having to deal with everyone's money. Is something like this at all possible with TPG?


Thank you in advance Smiley Happy 


Hi @rebeccab80

Welcome to TPG Community! 


TPG is a prepaid service and because of this, we do not provide a paper bill. Therefore, BPAY payments are not acceptable.

We only accept credit card and direct debit payments for the monthly automatic debit. 


I recommend having a read of the following TPG Community articles below which will guide you on how to access and check your billing info online via My Account:


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Please check it out and let me know should you need further contact for assistance.