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Plan Changed - (Neither Upgraded or Downgraded)

Level 2

I was on the unlimited data $69.99 plan for 25mbp/s. I have a contract for a further 8 months.


TPG have lowered the cost of the 50mbp/s speed, which I can now get with unlimited data for the same price of $69.99.


I could see that a plan downgrade will result in an extra charge and an upgrade wiould be free.


I altered my plan online through the my account tab to the 50mbps for the same price of $69.99.


However I noticed the confirmation email confirmed the plan change but said it would be "no contract." 


I'm now concerned I will be told I have broken my contract and will get a penalty fee for the trouble. Has anyone does this? Does anyone know which outcome I will have?

Level 2
It's OK - they cancelled the NBN 25 plan. I regularly check their plans as they have been known to do this sort of thing in the past. You won't be penalised - you're still with them albeit on a different plan. When I changed mine, they credited what I had paid for the month and changed the start date of the new plan from the date of the change. If you were not near your month end, you should see a credit in your account, and then the regular $69.99 after.