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Plan and Billing issues

Level 2

Dear TPG,

         I have urgent issues with my plan and billings. I signed a contract of ADSL2+ ($59.99/ month) before I moved into my new apartment in June and I was being told by TPG that my new apartment is able to use the ADSL2+ Home Bundle at that time. However, when I moved into the apartment in July, I found that it is an NBN-only apartment because it doesn't have the phone wall socket to connect to ADSL2+ and NBN is still not available to use at that time. Therefore, I called TPG customer services many times to ask for a solution. They said if I canceled the contract, I would get a maximum 300 dollars penalty, so it is better to wait for NBN to be available. In addition, I have already paid for 5 months' fees without actually using any TPG services, more than $300. You can just check my account, it doesn't have any usage recordings. During these months, I paid an extra $40 each month to use my hotspot.
         This month, I was being told that NBN is available to my apartment and I found that my neighbors can connect to the Wi-Fi so that I called TPG again and wanted to change my plan to NBN. There was recently a staff said that he would tell this situation to Account and Billing department and adjust my account first, but I still not getting any further response (they always said that I need to wait for 24 or 48 hours to get a call back, but nobody really calls me back and I thought they were busy. Because each time different personnel picked up the phone, so I don't know who I was talking with and how I could reach to the last person I called. I also sent many emails, but still nobody reply or solve this issue for me). He also said that I need to pay a further $300 since I am the first person in the apartment to connect NBN (as the New Development Charge), so that I think I can offset this amount with my payment made before or provide me other appropriate compensation. 
        I have already waited for 5 months to connect to NBN, so I don't want to wait anymore! Therefore, please help me to adjust my billing first as soon as possible so that I can change my ADSL2+ to NBN with the same amount (The $59.99/ month NBN plan for 18 months contract). If not adjust my account and billing or give me a compensation first, I won't know what additional fees I need to pay when I want to change my plan. Also, I concern that I won't stay in Melbourne two weeks later, so if I can't connect to NBN within these two weeks, it will cause trouble. 
         Please reply to me as soon as possible or give me a callback. Thank you so much! 
Level 2
Still not getting any further responses, even wait for more than a week for emails or calls. Very disappointed and frustrated. I can't pay for not services provided, which is inappropriate.



Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details and apologies for not being able to reply sooner. 


Your account issue has been escalated to the Account Specialist for further assistance. 


Kindly private message to us your preferred time to be contacted and callback number and we'll arrange a callback tomorrow for your convenience.


Kind regards,