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Please cancel my account!!!

Level 1b

please!cancel my account and the internet service right now!

i dont want to speak to anyone!just cancel my account!

i am not in a contract!

and here is my account number:*******!

and my email is:**************!!!


Hello Judyzhao,
Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community.
For cancellations you will need to send an email to *******
In the subject line, put in your account number.
In the email put that reason for cancelling,
Full name,
Address and
Also put the date of cancellation. The cancellation team will process the cancellation.
I hope that helps

Level 1b
i tried this email address twice!

but can not send through!

please give the correct email address!

Hi @Judyzhao ,


We've sent you a private message regarding this request and we'll look forward to your response.


Best regards,


Level 1b
Ok i understand!
My preferred date is 17/07/2020.

the reason of my cancellation is:

Due to the travel restrictions,i can not get back to Australia!

Also i am moving out from the apartment.

please process this cancellation as soon as possible!thank you!