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Please resolve my account

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I have not heard back from my below question. I thought a TPG representative was on my case but I haven't have anything back about my 30-day credit?

Please resolve this as I have been a long term customer (formally with TPG for 2-3 years). 



My story start late February when I sign up for TPG NBN 50. Immediately it was cutting in and out for days. I contacted support who said that there was no problem, to later find out that the service was down in Subiaco. I was constantly on the phone to TPG, when they said the problem had been solved. My service was usable for 15-20 days, either not working completely or cutting in and out. 


I was fed up with TPG as a service and called up to cancel. An account excective pleaded with me to stay and that she would grant me 30 days credit when it's solved. I agreed. The internet was fixed a couple of days ago, however I was reluctant to phone TPG because I'd fear it would stop working again. I called up today - no one is answering the phones. TPG says to go on online chat. After 1-2 hour of waiting in line, a customer rep cancelled by turn in the queue. 


I was promised a 30-day credit and can't even get in contact with TPG. If this isn't sorted out soon, I'll move providers ASAP. 

Very disspointed with the service.