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Port Fee

BNH Level 1
Level 1
I have requested tpg waive my port fee but i am still waiting to here back but in the mean time tpg have already charged me the port fee. I contacted tpg 3 times about the fee waiver and have heard nothing. The service i have received from tpg the years is terrible.

Hi @BNH,


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We have located the account using your community details and we can see that you have been in touch with one of our mobile specialists.


We'll make a follow up with our Mobile Team and you will be contacted by the assigned case officer as soon as a new update becomes available. Thank you.

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Why should a customer pay phone number porting fee? 

This is not fair. Porting fee must not be charged and if charged should be refunded immediately.



Hi @govindada,


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The port out fee is being charged to cover the cost of porting process and call routing systems when you change provider. The port out fee is included in our Standard Terms & conditions.

You may check the details further on our website under -> Terms & Conditions ->Mobile Plan Brochure.


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